IV.International Philosophy Congress

Poverty, Solidarity and Justice



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The Philosophy Department at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Uludağ University was established in the academic year 1990-1991 and offers undergraduate and graduate programs (both MA and PhD.) The department which achieved an honorable status with its young and dynamic staff among the philosophy departments in Turkey, continues to publish Kaygı, the biannual journal of The Philosophy Department, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Uludağ University. The Philosophy Department has attained its current position as a result of 25 years-long process during which many professors and lecturers has contributed to its institutionalization. The Department organized First International Philosophy Congress in 2010 to honor its 20th anniversary. The Second International Philosophy Congress was organized with the title: “City and Philosophy” on 11-13 October 2012. The Third Congress (with the title: “Tradition, Democracy and Philosophy”) was held on 23-25 October 2014. The theme of the Forth International Philosophy Congress (to be held on 13-15 October 2016) has been specified as “Poverty, Solidarity and Justice”.

The congress has been organized to show that philosophy retains its relevance in the context of today’s events, to provide a ground for thinking about the ways philosophy and philosopher should cope with the current world’s problems and to generate a broad view of today’s commonly debated topics/concepts of poverty, solidarity and justice. Every day in television programs, newspapers and the speeches of politicians, we come across countless discussions specifically about justice. However, when a word, subject or concept is used too often, it is usually getting decontextualized and meaningless. This situation brings a danger with it. When the content of a concept is removed from its original context, it becomes possible that some people fill it in arbitrarily, with the result that masses get open to be led by others. Philosophers shoulder great responsibility to prevent decontextualization of concepts. We have felt responsible to organize this congress in order to rethink these concepts, to provide new perspectives on them and to see and show the role of philosophy in handling problems which are linked to them, thus deciding to get into the struggle of establishing a philosophical ground for politics.