IV.International Philosophy Congress

Poverty, Solidarity and Justice


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“Poverty, Solidarity and Justice”
When current debates are taken into account, it can be clearly recognized that justice is a concept discussed, written and thought about at great length. However it is possible to see that when justice is referred to, the concept is taken out of its context and devoid of content. The concept of justice is commonly used in relation with poverty. Poverty, a problem of all ages, is standing as one of the basic problems of our age. Today, while many people bring up the problem of “violent capitalism”, poverty is believed to be a hard pressing issue that has to be overcome. In this sense, it is generally admitted that urgent measures have to be taken to establish a just worldwide distribution of income. As injustice can be encountered in all spheres of human life, the idea of justice arising from injustice has become a subject/concept of growing importance that should be thought of seriously as a necessary condition of communal life. Consequently in all dimensions of life, solidarity and its spirit should be universalized. This is where we see the greatest need for philosophy/philosophers and a philosophical contribution. Philosophy offers a perspective that attempts to cover the essence of a given subject along with the associated phenomena in their exactness. Thus, philosophy always needs to be inside phenomena/life itself. Now is the time to ask the questions that has been left aside for long. What is poverty? What is solidarity? What is justice? The essence of these specific subjects can be touched and the concepts can be elucidated only if the above questions are discussed. Yet, what really happens is that the core of the subject is left untouched, people get deluded because of rhetoric and the concepts themselves are decontextualized and treated as means for political ends. These concepts can only be illuminated philosophy and as a result become grounded firmly.
When the concepts of poverty, solidarity and justice are considered, the following issues need to be clarified: What does justice mean? What do we understand by solidarity? What is the relationship between justice and equality? Is justice equality? Can there be detected any link between religion and justice? Is there any possibility to establish justice and just social, political and economic system? Is justice a concept relating to law or politics? What is the relationship between poverty and justice? What is or what has to be the philosophical approach to poverty? Is there a relationship between poverty and religion? Can poverty be considered a global problem? What should the philosophical stance towards poverty be? How can poverty and solidarity be related? Is solidarity based on class divisions? Are religion and solidarity connected? Can solidarity bring justice?
We have agreed to organize the current congress under the title “Poverty, Solidarity and Justice” in an attempt to scrutinize all these concepts and to put forward new and distinct ways of theorizing questions of poverty, solidarity and justice.